Relife Wellness Nepal Pvt. Ltd

Relife Wellness Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is the private company based organization of Nepal. It was established in 2021 in the field of Mental Health located in Kathmandu, Nepal aiming to be responsible for delivering quality mental health services. We group of young likeminded and dedicated management team and experienced medical team and here to satisfy the health needs and perform required treatment by maintaining standard services with basic amenities.

According to world health organization (WHO) almost one quarter of the Nepalese people suffer from some form of mental illnesses. Nepal has only one psychiatric hospital and the number of currently working psychiatrist is less than 60 in Nepal. About 4 in 5 people with serious mental illness do not receive any mental health care in low and middle income countries including Nepal. There are only 1.5 psychiatric beds per 100,000 population (only 112 psychiatric beds in government hospitals and 327 such beds are in private hospitals in Nepal), and the concept of psychiatric rehabilitation is still foreign in Nepal.


To provide Comprehensive and quality of mental Health services in Nepal


We promote the quality of mental health services in Nepal


  • To rehabilitate the mental ill patient, alcohol dependent patient and drug abused patient in community by the support of mental health expertise, professional and mental health related organization.
  • To provide the quality of Comprehensive mental health services
  • To conduct the mental health camp and drug abused related camp in the rural place of Nepal with the Co-ordination NGO/INGO related to Mental Health.
  • To conduct the training for the mental health workers with co-ordination with related Organization.
  • To rescue mental health patient from site of illness occurred.
  • To conduct the extra activities to the mental ill patients, alcohol dependent and drug abused patients.
  • To advocate for the right of Mental ill and drug abused patients.
  • To minimize the torture given by various rehabilitation practice to the mentally ill patient.
  • To avoid Physical restriction for mental ill patients.
  • To provide very friendly environment to the mental ill patient during treatment.