Our Facilities

Psychiatric OPD

Psychiatric OPD is given for admitted and non-admitted patient of the Relife wellness Nepal we consult with extraordinary health care professionals for psychiatric consultation

Rehabilitation services

Relife is providing rehabilitation services for the both male and female mental ill patients, drugs abused patients and alcohol dependant patient since opening date with very extraordinary environment in Maharajgung-Kathmandu

Counselling Services

We are providing all the psychological and non-psychological counselling for the required person from Relife i.e. family counselling, carrier counselling, group counselling, special psychological tests and assessments with renounced psychologists


Relife provides the psychotherapy for the anxiety, panic disorders, personality disorders, OCD, BPAD (Bi-polar Associated Disorders), Aggression and many more by well known psychologists

Cognitive Behaviors Therapy (CBT)

As required like Bipolar patients, Drugs patients, Alcohol dependent patients, Schizophrenia's patients

Meditation (YOGA)

For admitted patients only

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Therapy

For admitted patients only

Extra Activities

Relife is providing extra activities for Busy schedule of the admitted patients activities like 1. Singing 2. Dancing 3. Making Art 4. Poem writing 5. Mass Speaking 6. Goal and objective setting for planning 7. Gaming like Ludo, Badminton, Chess, Charem 8. Many More

Drugs and Alcohol Detoxification

Relife is also providing detoxification programme for who want to detox their alcohol and drugs which is in their body for 28 days

Emotional Ventilation Space

Emotional Ventilation Space is the process by which the client or patient can share all the thought, feeling, emotions and stress, experience without any barriers with our specialist and that can helps to release the stress and helps to boost mental health problems or issues. It is special services given first time in south east Asia i.e. in Relife Wellness Nepal Pvt. Ltd.